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Test NamePrice$Category
ASTM D1577 Linear Density$ 75FIBER TESTING
ASTM D1907 Yarn Number by the Skein Method$ 75FIBER TESTING
ASTM D2256 Tensile Properties of Yarn$ 75FIBER TESTING
ASTM D2654 Moisture Content & REGAIN$ 35FIBER TESTING
ASTM D2710-09 Specific Gravity$ 45FIBER TESTING
ASTM D3218 Fiber width and thickness$ 50FIBER TESTING
ASTM D4355-06 Deterioration of Geotexiles by Exposure to Light$ 900FIBER TESTING
ASTM D789 Fiber Identification Melt point$ 45FIBER TESTING
ASTM D792-08 Specific Gravity$ 45FIBER TESTING
ASTM F2765 CPCS Lead Analysis$ 100FIBER TESTING
CPI Test Crystal Perfection Index$ 500FIBER TESTING
DSC Melt point heat history Graph$ 250FIBER TESTING
CPSC Wipe Test: Lead$ 125FIBER TESTING
FTIR Fiber Identification$ 100FIBER TESTING
Tuft Length$ 30FIBER TESTING

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